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Callan Mulvey
as Bogdan Drazic

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Callan Mulvey as Drazic Callan Mulvey
as Bogdan Drazic
actor biography

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and moved to Australia when I was eight years old - I have lived most of my life on the northern beaches of Sydney. I started blading at school and it ended up being an obsession. I was lucky enough to get sponsored and got to travel around Australia and America doing demonstrations with my friends. I started doing stunt doubling work as well and then ended up in an agency.

About two years later I got sent into the audition for Heartbreak and found out what I really wanted to do with myself - act. Now, as Drazic I can combine both my passions, blading and acting. When I was in America, I got my eyebrow pierced and this seems to be a constant point of interest for people. I guess I needed to bust out a bit and try to be different!

My character Drazic, has a lot of me in him. I'm right into my skating just like Drazic and I have the mischievous muck around side too. Draz started out as Hartley's self appointed bad boy - from the wrong side of the tracks, his family has never given much support personally or encouraged him with his education. Drazic is interesting as a character because he is so complex, you never know what he is going to do or how he is going to react to a given situation.

In my very rare free time, I still love to skate, mix and record music and listen to jazz, hip-hop and percussion. I enjoy snow boarding and skateboarding, and I try to spend as much time as I can with my family. I love being on the show and it helps that we are a very close cast and crew. I hope you keep watching and enjoying Heartbreak High. Thanks for your support. Callan won the 1997 Prince of TV award in Australia and is now a well known celebrity.

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