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Tai Nguyen
as Jack Tran

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Tai Nguyen as Jack Tai Nguyen
as Jack Tran
actor biography

Tai first became involved with the show when he read a newspaper article about the new series. The article described some of the characters, and explained how the production team were looking for suitable actors. Tai says the part sounded as if it had been written for him!

"They wanted someone with an outgoing personality who could play soccer and had some experience of the martial arts. I love soccer and have been doing martial arts for half my life, so I thought it was ideal."

Tai could also relate to the story of Jack's past. Like Jack, he's from Vietnam, and came to Australia in 1980 with his family as a refugee. For the first five years they lived in Tasmania before moving to Sydney.

One of the most powerful storylines in early episodes is about the racial abuse that Jack suffers, and Tai feels that this was also an area where he could bring his own experiences in primary school to bear on the part.

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