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Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor
as Kurt Petersen

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Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor as Kurt Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor
as Kurt Petersen
actor biography

I was born in Sydney on September 19, 1973. I spent my high school years at Newington College, Stanmore and after completing my HSC, deferred from University to travel overseas for six months. I had a fantastic time touring extensively through England, Ireland and Scotland in a Combie Van with my older sister Pip and two friends, and then living in Canada for three months.

I studied drama for two years at high school and this gave me the basis for my Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Drama and Sociology, at Newcastle University. My first major audition was Heartbreak High and I was lucky enough to win the role of Kurt Petersen.

Kurt is an arrogant character who excels in sport. He is admired by most of the girls in the school and appears to all to have an easy life - he is the golden boy. However, Kurt finds life anything but easy, his time is spent covering for his alcoholic father. I am very proud of Kurt and all that he has achieved - I think he has had a tough life but it has only proved to make him stronger.

Just like my character I have a keen interest in sport, and marine biology. In my very rare spare time, I love to ski, fish - preferably deep sea, and train with weights or in the boxing ring. I have an older brother and an older sister, and am proud to say that I have a very close relationship with my family.

I love working on Heartbreak High, the cast and crew are fantastic and we have all become great friends.

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