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Rebecca Smart
as Melanie Black

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The second Heartbreak High album featuring Died Pretty and Frente!

Rebecca Smart as Melanie Rebecca Smart
as Melanie Black
actor biography

Here's some information about me and my character, Melanie Black. Where were you born:Tamworth, NSW starsign:Aquarius what did you want to grow up to be:I first acted at 8 so I didn't really have a chance to choose. favourite food:Stir fry and ice cream cake, separately favourite sport:Swimming who is your all time idol:Jodie Foster what was your first paying job:Acting in the Coca Cola Kid how do you want to be remembered:As fondly as possible what high school did you go to:St Catherine Girls School, Waverly what drama school did you go to:none (If you don't count Nico Lathouris school of Drama) favourite pastime:Driving, going to the beach, playing with my dog, going to the movies with Lara pet likes: Water, dancing (even though I'm really uncoordinated), laughing, short spurts of running pet dislikes: Having my photo taken, smell of cigarettes, hard-core techno music

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