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The second Heartbreak High album featuring Died Pretty and Frente!

Ask the webteam

Matthiks asks: I am leavin to travel for a half year through Australia. I am big fan of the series, and I'd like to know the address of the Hartley Heights school to visit it in Sydney. Can somebody help me find this adress?

Thanks in advance, With kind regards, Matthijs Verhoef

Webteam writes: Unfortunately neither the original school building, nor the second one "Hartley Heights" are standing anymore. The second school was recently demolished as part of the Warriewood redevelopment project.

There are still lots of fantastic locations used to filming which you can visit in Sydney - have a read through some of the answers to other fans to find out more. Best wishes on your travels.

Ylona writes: I am Ylona from Holland and I am 25 years old. First, I would say that Heartbreak High is the best series that I have ever seen on Television.
In 1996, I saw Heartbreak High on the Dutch television for the first time.

Immediately I was thinking of my own time at the school for lower general secondary education, like the problems, fun and a very bad and old building.
But the real reason that I find Heartbreak High the best TV-series, is that the seriex is based on problems of teens (it shows the reality like broken families, romances, pregnancy, drugs, teens that take care for themselves -who live in the warehouse-, carrier etc. ), the actors are playing their part very good and the music is really fantastic.

I hope you can help me to answer these questions.
1. Sometimes you can hear the theme tune from Heartbreak High but than with an other melody (for example during the credit of episode 165). Is this music and the HBH-tune with an another melody also available on CD?
2. Is Heartbreak High available on DVD in the future (I hope so)?

Webteam: Heartbreak High's incidental music was composed by Todd Hunter, which is what you will often hear during the closing credits. Unfortunately it is unavailable to buy at this time.

As far as a future release of the series goes, Gannon Television are looking into it...

Linda asks: Can you tell me where Callan, Scott and al the others live? I realy want to know. And where HBH is filmed. I realy like to know the answers. Thanks a lot for your answers. Linda from Holland

Webteam: Heartbreak High was cast using local actors, i.e. from Sydney and its surrounding areas. Filming took place at many locations including Manly, Maroubra, Warriewood and Sydney harbour itself.

Arwen asks: Could you tell me if I can get a soundtrack of the first season (including the songs sung by Abi Tucker) somewhere and if yes, where? thanks, Arwen van der Burg

Webteam: Sure. The official Heartbreak High soundtrack is referenced in our new shop section!

Betty asks: Hi, I'm Betty and I live in Holland. I have a question. On your site you can see episodes clips, but the don`t work on my computer. What do i need to have on my computer to get them working? Thnx Betty

Webteam: The current crop of video clips require Real Player, which can be downloaded for free from www.real.com. In the near future however, we'll be switching to flash based video clips, so you shouldn't need to download any additional software.

Anneke asks: I'm from Holland. I've watched your programm a lot. I'm sorry to tell you they don't broadcast Heartbreak High in Holland at the moment. I was wondering if you can help me find the song they played when Drazic and Anita were on. It goes something like this: And it's you that I love, and it's true that I love... I really, really like that song a lot. I've send the VARA (they broadcast Heartbreak High) a letter, asked them if they could help me, but they refer to your site. Please, please, please help me!!!

Webteam: Hey, no problem! The song you mention is called "Not Given Lightly" by the band "Frente!". It's available on the album Labour of Love (1994)- which you might be able to pick up on Ebay.

Don't forget, to find out what music was heard in an episode, click the music link in the episode guides!

Kat asks: Hi, i was wondering if you knew where I could watch the 'write your own episode' episodes on-line. They were on this website a while ago, and it said that the next episode would be appearing soon - but it never. Any idea were i can find it?

Webteam: The 'Write your own episode' was a competition ran back in 2002, for a viewer to create their own episode of Heartbreak High. They had to come up with 10 new characters, storylines for the first episode, and then the winning entry would actually be filmed.

The winning entry was produced, and the episode appeared on this site in 2003 in four downloadable parts. Unfortunately, the competition it was decided would be a one-off.

However, the Heartbreak High online club members have got their heads together and you can read the continuing adventures of a teenage Effie Poulos on the message boards. If you've got an idea for a new storyline involving existing Heartbreak High characters, or maybe some of your own creation, then get writing and post your story onto our message board!

Simon asks: Hey, I need some help; I've been asked by my hockey coach what the name of the pro skater in Heartbreak High is and there is a prize. Could you please tell me his name, thanx.

Webteam: Well, there's a few! During season one, your pro skater would be the character Peter Rivers, played by Scott Major, though his actual skating stunts were performed by Callan Mulvey.

Alan Bolton also appeared as a pro skater in a season one episode, becoming a regular during season two. Bolton was played by Jon Pollard.

In the fourth season, Drazic, played by Callan Mulvey (who stunt doubled as Rivers previously) actually was offered a job as a pro skater. To complicate matters even further, Nick Poulos, Effie Poulos, Dannielle Miller, Anita Scheppers, Mai Hem, "The Wizard" and Dennis Klinnsman also skated at one time or another. As for which name your hockey coach is looking for... give them the full explanation... I'm sure they'll be impressed.

Igor asks: I'm planning to go on a trip to Australia,and of course I'd like to visit all the main places where HBH took place. One of the most important places is the "Shark Pool". I tried to find its location in Sydney over the net but I couldn't. Of course there is also the warehouse but it's too much, I'm not even sure it exists in reality, but it probably does because it doesn't make sense that they shot so many series during 4 years on a temporary set. Anyway I think it would be pretty difficult to find it.

Webteam: The Warehouse was actually built on the back of the school set (hence the Warehouse changed when they moved production to Hartley Heights). Similarly, the Sharkpool set was built in a blacked out classroom - check out the floor tiles, they're the same as the rest of the school!

"Ruby's Place" - the original after school hang out was turned into the SharkPool set.

Unfortunately the sets don't exist anymore - though you can visit Manly beach, the esplanade and Ocean World where many of the outdoor scenes were shot.... and I think the Hartley Heights building is still standing.

If you've got a Heartbreak High question that you just can't find the answer to then drop us a line:


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