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The official BBC Heartbreak High book


The second Heartbreak High album featuring Died Pretty and Frente!


Ben Gannon interview
Series Creator and Executive Producer Ben Gannon shares his insights into five years of Heartbreak High, his current productions and what the future holds for the show.

Chris Roache interview
We catch up with the Series Producer to find out about the decision making process and the real reason they moved from Hartley High to Hartley Heights.

Serge Lazareff interview
Staff writer Serge Lazareff explains the background to the storyline where he appeared in the programme as Drazic's father!

Cast interviews
Get the inside information direct from the cast with our exclusive cast interviews.

How it started
Thought Heartbreak High bore an uncanny resemblance to the movie The Heartbreak Kid starring Alex Dimitriades? Find out why...

Ask the webteam
Searched the site but still not found that crucial bit of Heartbreak High info? Never fear - the webteam is here and we'll attempt to answer any Heartbreak High question you can think of. The more challenging the better.

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noose in schoolyard
Find about more about Hartley Heights resident sports hero, Kurt
Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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