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Inge Hornstra
as Allie Matts

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Inge Hornstra as Allie Inge Hornstra
as Allie Matts
character biography

We met Allie when Steve is looking for his real mother, when he finds her, he finds out that Allie doesn`t know that she and Steve are related! He tells her. Allie goes to a girls school, is good at her studies, but is not happy, as she wants to spend more time with Steve, so she changes her girls school for Hartley. Allie and steve grow real close, she moves into the warehouse. She makes friends easy, she and Danni become best friends.

She falls for Matt Logan, and they begin a relationship. They have their ups and downs, but the relationship get`s better and stronger. Untill a new girl arrives at Hartley, Matt kisses her, and when Allie finds out, she breaks up with him. After Matt almost died in an accident, Allie relizes she loves him and they start over.

Not for long, cuz they end up growing apart, Allie starts to write a novel and Matt tries out for the basketball team (sydney stilts) They decide to end the relationship, but to stay friends. Allie then falls madly in love with a new teacher Tom Summers he helps her with her book, but they get to close, Allie finds out that she is pregnant.

When she tells Tom, he doesn`t want anything to do with it. She later finds out, he asked it ex girlfriend to marry him. Tom wants to leave before Dyson finds out about Allie, but Aallie tells her, and Tom is fired. Allie then goes to England, for a studycourse and leaves the show... She named her babyboy Steven after her brother. Written by our very own forumer 'drazlover'

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