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Lara Cox
as Anita Scheppers

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Lara Cox as Anita Lara Cox
as Anita Scheppers
character biography

There are no half measures with Anita. She is an all or nothing girl. But Anita has a problem - she is passionate about too many things. Anita loves the beach and attractive guys but she had never met a guy who didn't become boring after the first thirty seconds ... at least, not until she met Drazic - her true love.

The one thing Anita is not passionate about is schoolwork. Anita is a bright student, bright enough to have worked out at an early age that study is for the unimaginative. Generally, Anita gets by with an occasional glance at her homework. In the past, when serious assignments had to be done, Anita knew she could rely on a tried and true study technique: get her friend Melanie to do it for her.

Anita lives at home with mother, Hillary. Anita and Hillary are tight, a team. The only problem at home is Anita's brother, Ryan. As far as Anita is concerned, Ryan is a pain in the neck...and just about every other part of the body. To make matters worse, she is studying for her HSC in the same class as him!!

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