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Putu Winchester
as Dennis Klinnsman

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Putu Winchester as Dennis Putu Winchester
as Dennis Klinnsman
character biography

Dennis is Drazic's clownish side-kick, a likeable larrikin whose wicked sense of humour often lands him on the wrong side of the scholastic law. Surfing, skateboarding and playing basketball are a few of his favourite things; homework and Barnett among his least liked. Dennis will exploit any opportunity to bag out a classmate, and barely a teacher has managed to escape his acid wit. But contrary to popular belief, Dennis does have a sensitive side.

His capacity for love and compassion is evident in the relationship he privately shares with his Down Syndrome brother, Michael. Wherever there is mischief and adventure, there is Dennis. He is the Peter Pan of Heartbreak High, the boy who will never grow up, yet perhaps not quite as innocent!

Dennis has guts, admitting to the entire class he was a virgin is a good example, even if he did it just to impress a girl. Many of the girls at Hartley think of Dennis as a clown, but he has been known to woo the occaisional woman. His relationship with Sophie didn't last long and Dennis fell in love with Tess soon after and was heartbroken when Zac got with her. But he never let it get him down and continues to rock the halls of Hartley Heights!

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