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Callan Mulvey
as Bogdan Drazic

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Callan Mulvey as Drazic Callan Mulvey
as Bogdan Drazic
character biography

Drazic, "Draz", is Hartley's self-appointed bad guy. He has an eyebrow ring, rollerblades and heaps of attitude. Drazic is from the wrong side of the tracks with a tough family who have not given him much encouragement or help with education. Drazic is not good at school work, and is secretly afraid he might not be too bright. But Drazic is handicapped by mild dyslexia; this is what hampers him at school and is part of what makes him aggro and resentful. However with a little help from Anita, Draz has managed to prove to everyone that he can apply himself when he has to. Drazic's life has turned around since taking on the extra responsibilities of a job at the Shark Pool and moving into the warehouse has made him face the financial responsibilities of young adulthood.

His family has finally caught up with him, but only his father. Although originally unforgiving, Draz and his father made up for lost time, but this was cut short by the death of Dragon. Drazic inherited a garage and left school to continue his father's business.

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