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Nico Lathouris
as George Poulos

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Nico Lathouris as George Nico Lathouris
as George Poulos
character biography

In many ways, Nico is well suited to the role of George Poulos. His own family is Greek, and he has first hand experience of Australia's Greek community. On the other hand, Nico wouldn't describe himself as having the same traditional Greek lifestyle or attitudes as George. Particularly at the beginning of the series, George has some very conventional ideas about how the people around him should behave - in one early episode, he criticizes Stella for leaving her husband. Nico wouldn't necessarily agree with these ideas himself, but he did want to make George a convincing character so he spent a lot of time examining George's beliefs and trying to understand them. That way, he can put them across without making the character a cliché.

In fact, helping to develop realistic characters from a whole variety of ethnic backgrounds has been one of the most exiting aspects of working on Heartbreak High for Nico. He feels that the series marks a big shift in the way that life in Australia is represented in TV drama. In the past, many shows haven't reflected all the different cultures which exist side-by-side in Australia's big cities, and Heartbreak High tries to break the mould by acknowledging - and celebrating - the country's cultural mix.

George always put his family first; in order to help out Roberto he loaned him thousands of dollars from the sale of his house.

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