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Nina Liu
as Mai Hem

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Nina Liu as Mai Nina Liu
as Mai Hem
character biography

A feisty Asian girl with a mysterious past, she is part artist, part stirrer - an anarchist with colourful hair and bohemian clothes. Intelligent and unafraid of authority, her motives often appear selfish or bad but she usually ends up making a point to the other kids. Sharp and sassy, Ryan is instantly attracted to her. The others are more wary to begin with. However, Mai's honesty, straightforward attitude and her love of worthy causes has endeared her to the Hartley Gang.

Like Drazic, she has a family that she has left. Her father, a business man, packed Mai off to a bording school as a kid, where she was extrememly lonely. She changed her name from Stephanie Tan to Mai Hem because she wasn't who her father wanted her to be.

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