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Rebecca Smart
as Melanie Black

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Rebecca Smart as Melanie Rebecca Smart
as Melanie Black
character biography

Melanie is a serious, studious student. She gets what she wants, and at the moment she wants a good HSC mark. Melanie is the archetypal study head: she works late into the night, studying for the big exam. Melanie wears glasses and conservative clothes. Occasionally Melanie's friend, Anita, will drag her away from the books and down to the beach to get a life. Melanie does not always welcome these interruptions; she is not very interested in the beach, and certainly has no desire to get a sun tan.

Melanie considers sun tans to be nothing more than a one way ticket to the melanoma clinic. Socially, Melanie is stunted. Although she pretends not to be interested in boys and nights out, the truth is that Melanie is excited by the idea of both. When she does meet a guy she's interested in Melanie approaches him in the same way she approaches the HSC; directly.

Melanie lives with her dad, a respectable and respected local accountant. Although he could afford to send Melanie to a rich private school, Tony Black knows that the harsh environment of Hartley will teach his daughter some necessary lessons in life.

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