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Alex Dimitriades
as Nick Poulos

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Alex Dimitriades as Nick Alex Dimitriades
as Nick Poulos
character biography

Alex was catapulted to stardom when he was just 17 and a high-school student in a Sydney suburb. The casting director of The Heartbreak Kid visited his school looking for someone to play the lead role in the movie, and Alex went to an audition. He'd never acted before, but he thought he'd give it a try just for a laugh.

Jumping into a big production - first the film, and then the TV series Heartbreak High - was fairly daunting, though in some ways Alex was a natural for the role of Nick. Alex's own family is Greek, so he could understand and identify with Nick's Greek background straight away. Alex's personality is quite like Nick's too, and he found it easy to play a character with so much energy.

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