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Deni Gordon
as Ronnie Brooks

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Deni Gordon as Ronnie Deni Gordon
as Ronnie Brooks
character biography

It's a toss up for Ronnie Brooks. She isn't sure which she dislikes more: the United States or being called "Rhonda". Aged in her late thirties, Ronnie is a Black American, hailing from New York City. Ronnie was born into a middle class family, but teaching in the New York Public school system has given her a glimpse of the other America - the not very nice America. Ronnie ran into every conceivable kind of child, parent, domestic and educational situation.

For five years, Ronnie thrived. The work was hard - sometimes unimaginably ugly - and everyday was a lesson. However, when Ronnie began to take stock she realised that America the Brave was a real cause for despair. So Ronnie came to Australia: "the country that is what America could have been." Ronnie came to Hartley prepared. She is intelligent, spirited and active, and is absolutely unafraid to speak her mind. That's something New York taught Ronnie: speak up or get spoken over.

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