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Rel Hunt
as Ryan Scheppers

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Rel Hunt as Ryan Rel Hunt
as Ryan Scheppers
character biography

Depending on when you meet him, you could think Ryan is either an angel or a juvenile delinquent. The truth is both. Ryan is street wise, good looking, smart...he is also a loveable con man. But Ryan is aware that you get nowhere by bucking authority, so he tries to make out he is the picture of respectability in front of parents, teachers and police, in fact butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

Ryan used to live with his dad, Jeff Scheppers, and went to school in Newcastle until Jeff got a new girlfriend, and grew apart from his son - so Ryan was pushed out of the house. The pretext for Ryan being thrown out was that he had failed the HSC and should now get a job and fend for himself. But Ryan knew the real reason, and he resented it bitterly. Ryan was sent to live with his "straight" sister Anita and his mum Hillary, where he is repeating the HSC at Hartley. But Ryan intends to do much the same as he did at his last school; become the school leader and do very little study. He might be in for a shock.

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