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Nathalie Roy
as Sarah Livingstone

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Nathalie Roy as Sarah Nathalie Roy
as Sarah Livingstone
character biography

When we first met Sarah, she was repressed, under the thumb of Kath, her mother. Sarah loves Kath and has tremendous respect for her but was emotionally dependant on her - Kath's word was law and consequently her ideas tended to be conservative.

Sarah is a good student, focused on achieving a high TER which doesn't leave her much time to socialise. This suits her mother, who wants to protect Sarah from the social pressures that come with being a teenager in the nineties. Sarah is mousy and demure, it is not that she is unattractive but as her mother supervises her clothing, she tends to dress a bit on the daggy side. Other kids don't gravitate to Sarah but she doesn't mind. She is fairly shy and has learnt to be happy with her own company, although she is hoping that she might make some friends at her new school. Under Anita's influence, Sarah will slowly blossom and later become quite rebellious.

Sarah has come from a small country school and is intimidated by the prospect of starting at Hartley Heights High. She likes to ice-skate as an outlet. Also has a knack for computers and the Internet. Mother and daughter share a weekly ritual where they attend a church group at night (Friday) - to do charity work. As far as Sarah knows, her father was killed in a car accident before she was born.

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