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Serge Lazareff
Writer and Actor

What was your job like? Did you discuss the script with the actors or weren't they involved...

The acting and scripting were two different processes. Because I was involved in the story department the idea for the father/son conflict and resolution was thought about a year before it was produced. When it came to rehearsal it was changed to suit some personal facts of Callan (Drazic).

Who were the most pleasant actors to work with in the whole 5 or 6 years?

I worked briefly on the first series and only then on the last two. Most of the actors I met were always outgoing and pleasant to the script department which was on set and able to dictate their futures. Callan, Mario Gamma, John Gregg, Putu Winchester, Lara, Tasmine and Rel Hunt were particularly amusing and pleasant to be around.

What was/were the nicest moment(s) of the HBH-shootings you remember?"

Sharing the story department and having lots of laughs with Chris Roache, Kevin Roberts, Mel Cook, Chris Phillips, Lisa Hoppe, and Jenny Nicholson.

As an author, how do you protect your rights on your scripts in Australia?

You don't. This is an issue at the moment. At this stage in time, writers on TV programs at least sign away their rights when signing the contract.

How are Callan Mulvey, Lara Cox and Rel Hunt going?

Cal, I believe, is working as a film grip in Melbourne. He did a role on All Saints in which he was truly fabulous. Lara is getting lots of work in mini series and serials. Rel is in Hollywood gradually getting small roles and moving on up.

Why did Heartbreak High finish?

In short, there wasn't enough demand from overseas to prolong production. I believe it was dropped from one channel's future schedule and although it looked as if it was going to be picked up by a rival distributor, this deal wasn't high enough to justify continuing.

What are you doing now?

I'm working as a freelance writer on a medical series here called “All Saints” and a cartoon series, “Wicked”. (editor's note: Bianca Nacson, Heartbreak High's Gemma, appears in this cartoon!)

How did you land the role of Dragon?

The name was actually Dragan. It got changed somehow on the credits. I was an actor for twenty five years, had stopped doing anything for ten, and the guys in the story department dared me to try again.

Have you appeared in any other television shows?

Many. Probably over two hundred hours with leads in “Cash and Co”, “Young Ramsay”, “The Spoilers” among others, and guests in “Prisoner”, “E Street” and “Cop Shop” among others.

In the episodes where you appeared as Dragon, Drazic's father, there were some photos of you with a young boy (supposed to be Dragon and Drazic years ago). Who were these photos's of?

The boy was a guest hired because the Casting Director thought he was someone who might be Drazic as a kid. The father was me with a hairpiece.

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