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above: Nick and Con admire a fellow driver

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 1
Season One

There is an air of anticipation as Nick gets ready for the first day back at school in the new year. His cousin Con hassles him to hurry up, there are new teachers to stir, new girls to check out.

The new young teacher Christina Milano, taking up her first post, is immediately on the receiving end of their antics as she arrives at the school. If first impressions are not enough, she is rattled by the brashness of her students who include Nick, Con and their gang.All her attempts to gain control over the class end up failing.

above: Rivers tries to intimidate Jack

One of her students, Rivers, takes every opportunity to taunt and harass the new boy, Jack, with racial slurs. Nick and co. are surprised when Jack rejects their offers of support, especially when the tension between Jack and Rivers builds to a point where Jack challenges Rivers to a fight after school. The fight turns into a brawl as Rivers' mates and Nick intervene. When Christina tries to put a stop to it, she gets a whack in the eye for her trouble, but she wins the respect of her class when she keeps the incident under wraps. Christina's new composure impresses her colleagues.

above: Jodie and Danni chat to Nick

above: Nick is busted trying to impress Jodie

above: Jack knows what he has to do

above: Christina has had enough

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