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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 10
Season One

Jodie is back in town. Initially Nick tries to be cool, not quite sure where he stands but when they meet he melts. Jodie is worried about a fling she had in Melbourne and when the guy turns up, Nick asks if she had an affair with him. Jodie, scared of hurting Nick and losing him, lies and denies it. Jodie feels pressure from the girls who guess she is lying and she confesses to Nick. Nick loses it and hits her. He's totally shocked and mortified by his actions and doesn't think Jodie will ever talk to him again. It gives him much more to deal with than he bargained for.

It is the first day of Term 2 and Mr. North, the new Drama/English teacher, arrives at Hartley High to take up his temporary post. He easily makes friends with teachers and students alike and finds special fans in Yola, Chaka, Danielle and Kathy. He shows signs of being attracted to Christina.

Marco has news of a promotion that requires him to live interstate. He asks Christina to bring their marriage forward and go with him to Perth. When the kids hear Christina might be leaving, they do their best to get her to stay.Yola, Graham, Deloraine, and Phil all have something to say, but ultimately it is Christina who comes to the realisation that she doesn't love Marco and wants to stay at the school.

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