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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 12
Season One

Yola's life becomes complicated when Danielle's sister confides that she is pregnant and doesn't want to tell her parents. Rose and Danielle advise Nicole to talk to Yola. Nicole does and following that, decides to have an abortion. Danielle is opposed to this and as a desperate measure tells their parents. The kids assume Yola has told Nicole's parents and Yola finds she has lost the kids' confidence. It is a professional crises for Yola.

Rivers makes a date for himself and Chaka at a posh restaurant. The obnoxious waiter gets up Rivers' nose. Rivers decks him and a scuffle ensues, when he comes up for air he finds Chaka has left the restaurant. Rivers thinks he's blown it with her. The next day he finds out Chaka found it all very funny and they make another date. [t gets pretty hot until they discover neither has brought condoms. No condoms, no sex. Both arrive at school the next day with condoms.

Christina has a first "date" with Phil North. He offers to teach her to body surf and they enjoy cooling down in each others arms on a hot afternoon at the beach. They are spotted cavorting by a distressed Rose. Later, Christina, unaware of Rose's feelings for Mr. North, is perplexed by Rose's contentious attitude towards her.

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