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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 128
Season Four

Tom's never had a student fail, but some of his methods are outdated. He picks on Katerina, trying to urge her to do her best but it has the opposite effect. She's demoralised, contemplates leaving. Ryan eventually realises what's happening and tries to intervene. Tom hits him - that's what they used to do in the old days.

Strolling down the beach promenade, Mai is entranced by a good looking roller-blader nicknamed the Wizard who appears to spread a green philosophy via a series of stickers. Desperate to get to know him she's forced to enlist Drazic's help in order to learn to blade. Her initial attempts are dismal, even dangerous.

Charlie and Anita broke up some time ago but it becomes increasingly clear that Charlie hasn't completely dealt with it yet. The issue is brought to a head through a series of video role playing exercises between them conducted by Ronnie as preparation for career interviews. They finally work through the residual fallout and part as friends.

Heartbreak Highstars Sebastian Goldspink as Charlie Byrd, Ada Nicodemou as Katerina Iannou, Tina Bursill as Hilary Scheppers, Lara Cox as Anita Scheppers, Rel Hunt as Ryan Scheppers, Callan Mulvey as Drazic, Nina Liu as Mai Hem, Peter Sumner as Les Bailey and Deni Gordon as Ronnie Brooks.

Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production, written by Serge Lazareff directed by Nico Lathourus and produced by Ben Gannon and Micheal Jenkins

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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