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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 129
Season Four

Drazic and Anita have decided to take the big step - move in together. They soon find the flat of their dreams, but are faced by one problem - they have no money. To pay for the flat, Drazic takes on extra after hours work with Leo Fine. At first, all seems to be well, the work is easy and the pay is very good, but it soon becomes obvious that Leo is involving Drazic in some very shady deals. Draz is faced with a dilemma - should he get out of the job or continue to enjoy the fruits of crime?

Les Bailey is a man with a mission. Every year for the past ten years he has played an annual golf grudge match against his fellow Principal and archenemy, Cliff Tucker. And every year, Les has lost badly. But Les is determined that this year will be different. However, before he can think about winning, Les has to hire a caddy; or, more accurately, he has to 'persuade' Charlie to haul his golf bag around after him. Can Charlie give Les the winning edge?

Katerina is puzzled. She is the best looking girl at Hartley High and Ryan Scheppers is the best looking guy, so why haven't they ended up going out together? Katerina decides to solve the problem straight away; she will "get" Scheppers.

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