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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 130
Season Four

Les is appalled at the school's state of disrepair and demands that the Department takes action. He is shocked however, when instead of renovating, they decide to close Hartley High. Les finds himself without a school and without a job. But most distressing for him is the lack of any regret from his students.

Ryan and Drazic play a practical joke on Les by staging an accident. Les panics and calls an ambulance, but is furious to find that he has been tricked. He threatens to punish them but they laugh in his face - what can he do ... he isn't their Principal anymore. However, Les does have the last laugh.

Mai talks the reluctant Anita into delivering gorillagrams - guaranteed easy money. However they are dismayed to find themselves delivering a gorillagram to a bunch of senior boys from their new school, Hartley Heights. The pair realise the potential dangers in a seemingly innocent job when the boys want more for their money.

Katerina still loves Charlie but has no idea if he feels the same. Can she swallow her pride and tell him before she leaves Hartley for ever?

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