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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 145
Season Five

When Ryan is late for class again and hasn't done his major assignment Barnett (Andrea Moor) hauls him over the coals. Ryan refuses to be helped by her or anyone and walks out before he can be suspended from school. When he complains that he is lacking in funds, Mario (Michael Raft) offers him a way out - he can deal drugs. Can Ryan possibly stoop so low or will he realise where his life is heading?

Kurt (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) and Mai (Nina Liu) convince Nikki to enter a radio competition singing on Jumpin Jack Jet's amateur hour. Later, Nikki is contacted by an A&R person for an up and coming record company - they want to sign her up. Mai finds out that Nikki is being conned but Nikki, blinded by the stars in her eyes, refuses to believe her. Can Mai convince Nikki before she is hurt?

Against Kath's (Elaine Hudson) wishes, Sarah (Nathalie Roy) agrees to stand in for Mai at the Shark Pool. Draz (Callan Mulvey) has a field day - giving her all the menial tasks. In a quiet moment, Draz leaves Sarah to cope on her own. However, the Shark Pool is never quiet for very long and it soon appears that Sarah is in above her head. This could be the straw that breaks the camels back!

Heartbreak High also stars Lara Cox as Anita Scheppers and Frederick Miragliotta as Gerard Albers.

Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production with executive producers Ben Gannon and Michael Jenkins. This episode is written by Sally Webb and directed by Malcolm McDonald.

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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