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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 15
Season One

The school dance is on and there is a buzz of gossip, speculation and preparation. The gang's efforts to match-make Rose and Jack go wrong when they manage to build up Rose's expectations of the night, but they cannot get Jack to say he'll go. At the dance, Rose, feeling jilted and foolish, lets herself be led astray by Rivers. Jack finally shows up and is there for Rose in her hour of need.

Meanwhile, Yola and Southgate, who were volunteered by Deloraine to supervise the dance, have found themselves locked in a storage cupboard. It's a nightmare situation for Southgate, who apart from stressing over imagined wild student behaviour, is loathe to find himself being counselled by Yola about his troubles at home. But Yola is a professional and able to wind him down and draw him out over the course of the evening. They both value their unexpected D&M.

Con organises for Jodie to sing with the band. She's an instant hit.

Nick invites Stella to stay when he discovers she's looking for a new place to live after her old landlord make a pass at her. Stella is embarrassed that George has been put on the spot, but he makes her feet welcome. He really values having her around.

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