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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 153
Season Five

Lee Delaine (Marcel Bracks) is the new kid on the block. The first day at a new school is daunting for anyone but Lee is not just anyone - he is the son of the new teacher, Nat Delaine (John Walton), a fact he feels he should conceal if he is to be accepted by his classmates. Lee's efforts to hide the truth lead to his clumsy fabrication of a false past (which Nat is prepared to overlook) but the gig is up when Drazic (Callan Mulvey) and Dennis (Putu Winchester) discover the truth and are consequently armed with enough ammunition to make Lee's life hell. Intent on gaining the approval of his classmates, Lee finds himself compromising his beliefs when he agrees to participate in an initiation ceremony and finally putting himself and others in danger in a bid to be accepted.

to participate in an initiation ceremony and finally putting himself and others in danger in a bid to be accepted. Kurt (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) thinks he and Nikki (Fleur Beaupert) should spend more 'quality time' together. Nikki's not so sure. She's starting to feel a little suffocated, she needs some space and nothing Kurt does eases her doubts. Anita (Lara Cox) finds herself in the middle when Nikki confides her feelings and Kurt asks her advice on a ring he wants to buy for Nikki. Anita musters as much tact as she can in her attempt to dissuade him but Kurt's not listening. He surprises Nikki with a special dinner and the gift.

Ryan (Rel Hunt) is starting to resent having to do all the dirty work at the Shark Pool. Drazic, revelling in his position of authority, tells Ryan what he can do if he doesn't like it. Ryan takes his advice and quits but D'espo (Mario Gamma) offers a compromise - if Ryan will stay, he'll make some changes. The change comes in the form of a newly-created position 'Special Functions Supervisor' which Ryan accepts at first with trepidation and then with open willingness when informed that he will be organising a function for ten girls.

Heartbreak High also stars Andrea Moor as Di Barnett and Morna Seres as Jill Delaine.

Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production, executive producer is Ben Gannon. This episode written by Lisa Hoppe and directed by Karl Zwicky.

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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