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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 155
Season Five

Drazic has an idea for a new and improved in-line skate which D'espo (Mario Gamma) believes will have potential investors knocking down the doors. When Nat (John Walton) springs an IQ test on the class, Nikki (Fleur Beaupert) protests about its lack of cultural relevance. Drazic, on the other hand, has no objections. He can't believe how easy the questions are and laughs his way through the test. But his confidence takes a tumble when Lee, having found the completed tests among his father's papers, broadcasts to the school that Drazic has bottomed out.

When Kurt finds Anita yawning in the school yard, he suggests that a bit of exercise might boost her energy, and offers his services as a personal trainer. Anita accepts Kurt's offer and hits the gym, where she becomes friendly with Paul, a fellow classmate and gym enthusiast. Paul is full of advice and helps Anita with her fitness plan, leaving Kurt feeling undermined, and just a tad jealous of the friendship that is growing between the two. But Kurt and Paul find a common interest in kayaking and discover that their ability as a doubles team could see them competing seriously. They decide to train together. It seems there is not enough room for three people in their relationship but which one will give up?

Sarah moves into the Delaine house and finds she has some adapting to do if she is going to feel at home. But her hopes for fitting in plummet when she accidentally breaks a photo frame belonging to the family. She is hesitant about confronting Nat and Jill (Morna Seres) with the truth, not wanting to disappoint them so soon after moving in, and allows Ryan (Rel Hunt) to talk her into finding a replacement. But the plan backfires. Nat recognises the imitation frame immediately and becomes extremely distraught. Sarah's feelings of guilt are overwhelming.

Heartbreak High also stars Putu Winchester as Dennis.

Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production, executive producer is Ben Gannon. This episode written by Sally Webb and directed by Jessica Hobbs .

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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