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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 157
Season Five

Mr Gregory, an old friend of Nat's (John Walton), is the new teacher at Hartley Heights. Nat is rapt to have his old mate back in town but Lee does not share his father's enthusiasm. When Gregory tactlessly compares Lee with his dead brother, Simon, Lee's dislike for the man is reaffirmed. Ms Barnett (Andrea Moor) gets a taste of Gregory's brutishness when he declares that Hartley students are responsible for stealing parts from his car. She suggests he get some proof before he starts laying blame. Gregory turns to Lee for information. Lee reveals there is a black market running from within the school.

After their first romantic date, Ryan and Sarah share a seemingly incurable love bug. It doesn't take a love-struck Ryan long to set up another. Sarah is equally keen ... until she learns that they'll be going dancing. When the master of groove himself, D'espo (Mario Gamma), offers his services as a dance instructor, Sarah postpones the date to take lessons, telling Ryan she needs the time to study for school. Ryan turns up at the Delaine house and finds that Sarah is not home studying at all. When he later witnesses her at the Sharkpool dancing closely with D'espo, he leaves unnoticed, devastated by what he thinks is her betrayal. D'espo worsens the situation by contriving to keep the truth from Ryan, but his conscience gets the better of him and he finds himself promising Sarah that he'll fix things. D'espo's brainstorm leads to a night that no one will forget.

A billboard poster displaying a naked woman divides the guys and girls. Kurt (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) and Dennis (Putu Winchester) can't help but voice their appreciation for the billboard, which advertises 'Next-to Nude' underwear for women. Nikki (Fleur Beaupert) and Anita (Lara Cox), on the other hand, are enraged at the unrealistic image it presents for women. They decide to do something about it.

Heartbreak High also stars Morna Seres as Jill Delaine. Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production, executive producer is Ben Gannon and producer is Chris Roache.

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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