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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 159
Season Five

Nikki turns moral crusader when she learns that Tasha's mother, Olga, is being exploited by Zoltan - who runs a clothing company employing workers for little pay and long hours. Nikki confronts Zoltan but he is unperturbed when she threatens to report him to the authorities. Nikki's bravado is infectious and Olga agrees to demand better conditions. However, Nikki's interference may have caused more damage than good when she learns that Tasha has to quit school to help support the family because her mother has been fired.

When Sarah asks the dreaded hypothetical question - 'if you had to change something about me, what would it be?' - she sparks a reaction that sees both she and Ryan going through some radical image changes to please one another ... however, it seems they both have it very wrong!

Nat is impressed with Anita's essay and asks her to read it to the class but she barely manages to stutter out the first sentence. Her embarrassment turns to horror when Nat nominates her to give a speech on school spirit at the next assembly.

Heartbreak High also stars Callan Mulvey as Drazic, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Kurt Petersen, Marcel Bracks as Lee Delaine, Putu Winchester as Dennis Klinsmann, Mario Gamma as D'espo, Andrea Moor as Di Barnett and Morna Seres as Jill Delaine.

Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production, executive producer is Ben Gannon and producer is Chris Roache. This episode was written by Peter Kinloch and directed by Paul Faint.

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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