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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 16
Season One

The Poulos family are surprised by the sudden appearance of Stella's daughter, Katerina. George says it's alright if she stays for a bit, but he gets more than he bargained for when Katerina sets out to make life uncomfortable for her mother. Katerina wants her family back together again, but that's impossible. Stella is adamant, they are finished.

Nick is immediately wary of Katerina, he goes from luke warm to cold when her antics begin to threaten Stella's relationship with the Poulos family and Stella hints at leaving. George encourages her to take the time to work it out here and now.

Meanwhile, Jack and Rose are enjoying their new love until Jack gets beaten up by some Lebanese youths. Things sour even more when Rose's parents forbid her to see him and threaten to send her to a private school. Apart from being very conservative and strict anyway, they are very threatened by the fact that Jack is not Lebanese. [n the midst of all this, comes a letter for Jack offering him a place at a selective school. Going there would increase his chances of getting a score good enough to get into medicine. He is being forced to choose between love and career.

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