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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 167
Season Five

A new member to senior class, Bonnie Tobin (Tasmin Carroll), a potential state tennis champion turns heads on her arrival. Kurt (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) is initially affronted by her attitude, but his hostility turns to intrigue when he learns she is the daughter of one of Australia's finest female tennis players.

As Bonnie and Kurt become closer, Bonnie's mother becomes more annoyed. Kurt's attentions are distracting her daughter from her work for the upcoming junior state titles.

Draz (Callan Mulvey) thinks he has been unfairly treated in class when given a two week detention, he seeks revenge upon the unjust punisher, his teacher. Ryan (Rel Hunt) has outstayed his welcome at the Delaine house. They find he is always around, when Ryan is told how they all feel he attempts to charm his way back into their good books by cooking the family dinner - everything goes horribly wrong.

Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production. This episode was written by Peter Kinloch.

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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