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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 17
Season One

Stella sends a reluctant Katerina to Hartley High. She is welcomed by the gang which annoys Nick as he feels she is trying to muscle in on his territory at home and now at school. Katerina enjoys the attention she gets when she stands up to Southgate in class. Southgate is, however, having a crises at home and is already on edge. When Katerina pushes one button too many, Southgate loses control and shakes her violently. Katerina informs him she will report him. Shocked and horrified with himself, Southgate decides to resign despite Deloraine and Yola's support. During a talk with Yola, Southgate breaks down when he tells her the incident with Katerina is only half of it, he also lost control during an argument with his wife and he hit her. He is devastated by his behaviour.

Meanwhile, the students have heard of Southgate's situation and many feel sorry for him. They think Katerina went too far and she finds herself as the bitch of the moment. When Yola fells Katerina, Southgate is going to resign, Katerina goes to Southgate and apologises. This, together with Yola's good counsel, has Southgate withdraw his resignation. Nick is impressed when he hears that Katerina has apologised and their relationship gets off to a new start.

Yola appreciates the irony in her counselling Southgate to hang in there and continue to work hard for his marriage, when she herself is having an affair with a married man. The situation causes some tension between her and Christina, who clearly disapproves of the situation. Yola hates being judged and is distressed when her guy turns out to be a dog, who wouldn't have left his wife anyway. Being a good friend, Christina doesn't say "1 told you so" and Yola is grateful for it.

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