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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 171
Season Six

Jet's the new girl in town. She's feisty and quick-witted. And inevitably attracts the attention of Draz. Jet plays hard to get, but the attraction is clearly mutual. She picks Draz up for an impromptu date and he is impressed with her set of wheels. He's even more impressed when she lets him take the car for a spin. But when Draz sees the cops crawling all over the car the following day, he is shocked to learn that it was stolen. He confronts Jet and she reveals her background - she's just finished a sentence in a juvenile detention centre. Draz's anger dissolves as his infatuation with this new bad girl grows. When Jet dares him to pinch Barnett's car, Draz can't resist, and he finds himself reverting back to his old ways.

After all the trouble school has given him lately, Kurt has decided it's time to try life on the outside. He has his heart set on a career in the armed forces. Ox has the same idea, but his weight problem has him worried. Kurt offers to help him train for the physical test. Provided he can pass that, he should have no trouble with the aptitude and psychological examinations, and he'll be in. Kurt's optimism is infectious and Ox's confidence builds the more he trains. Kurt, of course, will have no problems with the physical - he's always had an outstanding fitness level. As far as he's concerned, the army is a sure thing. Both boys pass the physical and Ox is ecstatic when the army recruitment officer informs him he's been accepted. But Kurt's hopes are shattered. The army has learnt of his recent assault of a teacher, and his application has been rejected. Kurt is devastated, and his resolve not to go back to school is stronger than ever.

above: Lee making a political speech

Hartley needs a school captain, and who better for the job than Sarah Livingstone?? With a campaign manager like Ryan, it's gotta be Lee Delaine. And as far as the class is concerned, his policies are far more attractive than the conservative old ones Sarah is dishing out. Especially the one about abolishing detention. Sarah is incensed that Lee is using dirty tactics to get votes but, as Ryan points out, that's politics. When the results are tied, Nat is confused - there's an odd number of students in the class, which means someone hasn't voted. Ryan concedes it was him, and tentatively hands in the deciding vote. Will he maintain his loyalty for his candidate, or will love prove stronger than politics?

above: Jet and Dennis talking to Barnett

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