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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 172
Season Six

A graffiti artist is on the loose in the school and Di is not impressed. Only Draz knows the true identity of the culprit and he's in full support of her artistic expression. Nothing can hold Jet back and Draz is lured into danger when Jet suggests they give Barnett's office a makeover. Draz and Jet's relationship is strengthening, both feeding off one another's taste for trouble. But when Draz tries to get too close, Jet pulls back, and he wonders if it's just another one of her games. When Jet reveals details of a painful childhood, Draz realises it's much more serious, and Jet's fear of intimacy is well-justified. Jet tells Draz to get another girlfriend but he's not giving in. He can go without the physical stuff - it's her black, black heart he wants.

It looks like Kurt will be joining the ranks of the unemployed when his search for a job proves much harder than he'd anticipated. But when all seems lost, he secures a job at the local supermarket. Hunting down lost and missing trolleys. And handing out lottery tickets to any member of the public who returns a missing trolley. Not exactly riveting work but Kurt is past caring. It's a job, and he intends to do it well. But good intent turns to frustration when several trolleys go inexplicably missing. His search for the culprit leads him to Gavin - a wayward teenager who pinches the trolleys in an attempt to win the grocery prize for his underprivileged family. When Kurt asks Gavin why he isn't at school, Gavin sarcastically tells him he aspires to end up in a loser job like Kurt's. The comment strikes a chord, and Kurt faces up to what he's been trying to ignore - that without an HSC, this is what he can expect out of life. And while it's fine for some, it's not what he wants for himself. He swallows his pride and decides to go back to school.

above: Kurt in his new job

When Nat gives a talk on careers, Sarah expresses her desire to be a high school teacher. She cops the inevitable goading from her classmates but it doesn't stop her from accepting Nat's offer to take over the class. Sarah's 'pupil-handling' skills leave a lot to be desired and she transforms into the control-freak from hell. Not even the boyfriend is safe. It's only when Sarah realises she's totally alienated all her friends that she rethinks her teaching technique. She gives it one more go, and finds that just being herself is the key to successful teaching.

above: Sarah considering her future

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