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above: D'espo unveils his plans

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 173
Season Six

In an attempt to boost the Shark Pool's takings, D'espo invests in a 'calcio' machine - the latest game for soccer freaks. Money's tight for poor old D'espo. He's hoping the returns from the machine will help pay off his debts. He spews when Draz starts handing out free lunches to Jet. The antagonism between Jet and D'espo flourishes and Draz finds himself caught in the middle. D'espo organises the Shark Pool Cup and the calcio machine manages to lift everybody's spirits, except Jet's. She resents the time Draz spends with D'espo and the stupid machine. She ends up trashing it. Draz finds himself challenged to a test of loyalty. Does he support his long-time mate and dob in the perpetrator, or does he keep it a secret and stand by his woman?

When Kurt returns to school he finds himself the victim of an unlikely bully. Lee is out for blood - determined to fight the battle Nat refused to when he let Kurt off the hook for assaulting him. Kurt can't fight back and he knows it - one punch and he's expelled. Lee's needling is relentless and Kurt's frustration and depression escalate. Lee just will not lay off. Kurt sees only one way to sort it out, and he challenges Lee to a fist fight after school, when there's no teachers around to protect him. Lee has to prove he's not all talk, so he accepts.

above: Kurt prepares

He begs Ryan to teach him how to box, but Ryan thinks it's probably more realistic to teach him how to take a fall. Lee's gotten himself into a right mess and his absolute terror at the prospect of facing Killer Kurt is almost too much to bear. The afternoon wears on and the impending fight looms. Will Kurt pound Lee into the ground? Will Lee get in a lucky punch? Which will prove himself the greater man?...

above: Lee considers his impending doom

Sarah revives her love of ice skating and hopes Ryan will want to share it. After all, it would be nice if they could spend time doing things other than smooching... But Ryan's skating prowess leaves a lot to be desired and it's obvious to both of them that it's really not his thing. Sarah's disappointed but she accepts that skating's one part of her life that she'll have to do without him. It's not surprising when talented, good-looking skater, Jarrod, catches Sarah's eye. She keeps her distance but can't resist stealing a second glance

above: Sarah watches her partner

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