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above: Jet attacks Anita

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 174
Season Six

Anita is worried about Draz's involvement with Jet but love is blind and Draz is smitten. Jet resents Anita's interference and warns her to stay away from Draz. When Jet tells Draz she put Anita in her place, he isn't happy and defends Anita. Which makes things worse. Jet's insecurities grow and Draz can do little to pacify her.

Her behaviour is becoming increasingly self-destructive and she's a magnet to trouble. The scales tip when she walks in on Draz and Anita talking at the Shark Pool. She totally loses it, running into a nearby cafe and trashing it. She's detained by the police and returned to the remand centre, leaving Draz feeling responsible for her demise. Anita offers her support, but Draz wants to be left alone.

above: D'espo unveils his plans

D'espo's financial problems are getting him down. The bank is on his back, he owes money on the trashed calcio machine, life is not looking good. If he can't raise five hundred bucks in a few days to pacify the bank, he's history. So when he makes a mistake on an order, and three hundred pies arrive at the canteen, he's ropeable. How's he going to shift three hundred meat pies? Ryan comes up with a plan. A pie-eating comp. Ten bucks to enter. A shoddy promise of two hundred dollars prize money. And a sure thing; Dennis - the pie-eating prodigy. D'espo can't understand how anyone could eat so many pies - it's hard enough getting one of the disgusting things down. But an offer of unlimited pies for rest of his school life convinces Dennis to give it a go, and D'espo can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. That is, until the sure thing gets a bad case of the runs and has to pull out of the pie comp. It looks like D'espo's going to have to hand over two hundred dollars he doesn't have and sink further into debt... or develop a taste for pies.

above: Pies, Pies, Pies

Sarah finds herself fighting Jarrod's charm when she agrees to partner him in a skating competition. Practice sees them spending a lot of time together and while Sarah is momentarily swept away by the romanticism of it all, her conscience ultimately sees her stick by Ryan. When Jarrod persists, Sarah is desperate to prove she has a boyfriend - desperate enough, when Ryan can't make it, to convince Lee to come down to the rink and play the role. But Jarrod's not buying it. He thinks Sarah's fighting her feelings for him. Sarah realises the partnership is no longer a good thing. Skating has stopped being her escape and has become her problem. She gives Jarrod the flick and returns to the real man of her dreams.

above: Jarrod reveals his true intentions

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