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above: Enter Thania

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 175
Season Six

New character Thania succeeds in baiting Sarah when she challenges her religious beliefs. The animosity comes to a head when Thania unveils her artwork - a contemporary sculpture with a pro-environment message symbolised through images of Christian crucifixion. Sarah is utterly offended and Thania welcomes the reaction - she wants her art to shock people. But matters turn serious when Thania's work goes missing and her HSC mark is compromised. Thania sticks by her convictions - no one has the right to control ideas, and how people express them. And Sarah has to decide whether her faith in her own beliefs is strong enough to allow other's to have their own.

Barnett warns the boys against the dangers of slam-dunking but her warning goes unheeded. Draz ends up with a nasty bump on the head, when the backboard collapses during a casual game of basketball. Ryan feels responsible - he played the offending shot.

above: Draz gets hurt on the yard

He finds himself waiting hand and foot on a health-challenged Draz. When Draz begs for special consideration for a due assignment, and can't provide a medical certificate to verify his condition, Barnett's suspicions are aroused. Is Draz suffering a legitimate injury, or is he just stringing everyone along?

above: Ryan lets his guilt get the better of him

When Lee can't get tickets to see his guitar-toting idol, Tommy Emmanuel, in concert, he recruits Dennis to help him find a way to meet the man himself. But, try as he might, Lee's scams to get past the watchful eyes of an unsympathetic security guard and into Tommy's rehearsal studio, fail dismally. Desperation leads to a change of tactics and Lee turns to verbal abuse in an attempt to get through. This sees him on the run, red-faced security guard in hot pursuit, and all seems lost... until Lee runs into the path of a stretch limousine carrying none other than the blues man himself

above: Lee searches for his idol

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