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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 176
Season Six

There's trouble in paradise. Antagonism between Sarah and Thania escalates when Ryan becomes the model for Thania's life drawing assignment - make that nude model. When Sarah finds out she freaks and blows up at Ryan. Thania asks Ryan to model for her a second time and only has to suggest he's under the thumb to get a yes. Sarah tells Ryan not to do it. Ryan defies her, instantly regretting it when Thania suggests she wants to do more than just sketch him. His modelling days are over and all Ryan wants to do now is find his girlfriend and reconcile. But is it too late? Sarah's not so sure the relationship is as solid as she thought it was.

Dennis wonders why a solitary goal post has been erected out the front of the school. Until he learns that it's a flag pole. Patriotism has come to Hartley Heights. But not everyone salutes to the Australian flag. Somebody keeps pinching it, and Barnett appoints Dennis and Kurt to nab the culprit. When the Aussie flag is replaced with the Aboriginal flag, our trusty flag monitors are flabbergasted. They stake out the flag pole and end up catching their man. It's David, the school's postman. David is Aboriginal and his pride for his heritage sees him protest against the idea of one flag for all Australians. He teaches the kids a valuable lesson in history and his knowledge and passion earn their admiration and respect. Two flags now fly on the Hartley Heights flagpole and everyone is satisfied.

Lee wants to be a biker to get the babes. He thinks he's a bit of a hell raiser in his leather jacket but as Draz points out - the image is incomplete without a motorbike. Lee assures Draz he'll get a bike, but Jill has different ideas. No bike, no way. Draz incites Lee to defy his mum and after some wheeling and dealing, Lee becomes the proud owner of his very own chick magnet. Except Draz won't get off it for long enough to let Lee have a ride. One tantrum later and Lee is finally tearing up the bitumen, wind in his hair, engine humming... before it clunks and completely dies. Not only is the bike a complete dud, but Jill has witnessed the whole thing. Lee learns something extremely valuable - if there's one thing a man should never do, it is to defy his own mother. A lesson he won't be forgetting for a long, long time...

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