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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 177
Season Six

Anita becomes concerned when she finds out that a lot of seniors at Hartley are relying on over-the counter drugs to get them through their final, stressful year. Thania is one such student, surprisingly, since her mother Isobel is the new-age type who advocates alternative therapies. Barnett is shocked when she learns how many students take headache tablets on a daily basis and of how ignorant they are of the long term affects they can have on health. She sets about finding a solution to the problem and ends up hiring Isobel to teach meditation to the students. Thania is appalled - how will she escape the gibes about her dizzy 'hippie' mum? She is stunned when everyone voices how great they think Isobel is, and how fantastic her classes made them feel. Thania finds herself throwing away the headache tablets and giving the 'new-age' stress relief techniques a go.

Lee once again finds himself on the outer of the 'in' crowd, and the rejection is starting to get to him. If he can prove his masculinity, the boys' club will have to accept him. But Kurt, Dennis and the guys aren't easily persuaded and Lee's going to have to come up with something really impressive if he wants to get a foot into the circle. When Kurt shows off his new tattoo to the guys, Lee gets a brainwave and turns up to school the next day with a tat of his own. Problem is, when Nat finds out, Lee concedes it's actually a stick-on tattoo, and re-establishes himself as number one loser. Lee is left wondering if he should succumb to his need for acceptance and get a real tattoo, or give the boys' club the blow off and be his own person.

Ryan finds himself stuck with opera tickets he had purchased when he and Sarah were still together. Despite her passion for opera, Sarah is refusing to go - it's all too soon after the break up to be 'hanging out' together. Ryan is depressed. Draz tells him to get over it and get a life. Draz is planning to live his to the max by going to the demolition derby. Sarah agrees to relieve Draz of his shift at the Shark Pool and his plans look set. But when Ryan turns up to pick up his date for the opera, and Draz sees Sarah crying, compassion overwhelms him. He ditches the demolition derby to give Sarah a very special, and unique, night at the opera.

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