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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 178
Season Six

Sarah has all the classic symptoms of morning sickness and confirms her greatest fear - she's pregnant. Confusion follows the initial shock and Sarah is undecided about what she is going to do. If there's one thing she doesn't want, it's Ryan's involvement. It's her body, what happens to it is her decision. Sarah goes to her father, the Reverend Harris, for advice. He tells her the merits of raising the baby as a single mother and points out that if her mother had opted not to have her, Sarah wouldn't be here now. It will be difficult, but it can be done. Sarah leaves feeling confident in her decision to keep the baby and just as confident in her decision to do it alone. Ryan feels helpless and shut out, but nothing he says can change Sarah's mind. She doesn't want his support.

Isobel is taking yoga classes at the school and suggests to Kurt that some massage and yoga might be just the trick to treat his sore back. Thania has her eye on Kurt and when he asks her about her mothers yoga lessons, she takes the opportunity to get to know him a bit better. She asks him to the movies but is disappointed when he doesn't show. Disappointment turns to anger when she comes home to find a half-naked Kurt sprawled on the massage table. Thania flips but Isobel assures her it's totally innocent - Kurt is nothing more than a paying customer. Kurt's got different ideas, and it's not until he expresses them that Isobel realises that he might have been expecting something beyond therapeutic. Isobel refers him to another masseuse and Thania deals with Kurt's rejection.

Seems there are a few spiders on the loose at Hartley and while most of the students are happy to co-exist, Lee takes it upon himself to make the school a safe place once again. He starts with a full can of insect repellent, saturating the classroom, the canteen and his own bedroom in an all-out attempt to ensure the extinction of all things creepy crawly. But he soon finds that the chemicals he's using so liberally are of more direct danger to him and the environment, than the worlds' insect population will ever be. Lee has a phobia and he needs to get over it if he's ever going to sleep without the light on again.

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