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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 179
Season Six

Sarah's pregnancy is out in the open and she seems to be coping well. Ryan, on the other hand, is still trying to deal with being shut out of her life. Sarah attends a mothers' class to learn about single motherhood, and meets single mums Bren and Lyn. Her resolve to go it alone is strengthened and it looks as though Ryan has no hope of ever changing her mind. Sarah offers to baby-sit the kids at the mothers' class so all the mums can have a night out, and is annoyed when Ryan turns up with a gift for the baby, trying to push his way back into her life. But Ryan's presence is a blessing when Bren's violent ex-husband turns up and threatens to take his child. Ryan's heroics open Sarah's eyes and she finally acknowledges what she's been trying so hard to ignore - Ryan loves her, wants to be with her, and is mature enough to handle fatherhood.

Things between Thania and Isobel have been strained and it doesn't look like their relationship is going to improve any time soon. Thania is eager to inject some fun into her life, maybe find a guy who surpasses the unsophisticated knuckle-draggers on offer at school. She talks Anita into going to the pub and they have a great time. But Anita starts to worry when Thania seems to be developing a rather excessive drinking habit and wants to hit the pub every night. Thania isn't listening to advice and it's only when her safety is seriously compromised that she wakes up to herself. She realises she's been avoiding the real problem - her relationship with her mum. She opens up to Isobel, and resolves to put the drinking behind her.

Dennis takes a close look at his love life and realises he doesn't have one. He hones his eye on spunky chicklet, Spike, but she's not interested - Dennis ain't really her type. In the quest to be her 'type' Dennis decides to change his image. But he can't seem to find one that presses Spike's buttons. He decides, finally, to embrace his own innate image, celebrate it rather than try to change it. But there are certain qualities that are better left unveiled - unless he's comfortable with being the laughing stock of the school...

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