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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 18
Season One

Nick and Danielle are thrown together for work experience at a plant nursery, while Con pulls off a coup when he finds a place for him and Jodie in a recording studio.

At the nursery, Nick and Danielle meet the grumpy, old head gardener, Mr. Warne and don't exactly hit it off. While fooling around, they upset him and he suffers a heart attack. Under Nick's guidance, they eventually revive him, but Danielle is very shaken by the event. As Nick comforts her, their lips meet and before they know it, they are locked in an embrace.

Meanwhile, Stella's ex-husband, Spiros, surprises everyone by turning up for a visit. He puts on the charm, trying to persuade Stella and Katerina that he has changed.

He says he's inherited a villa in Greece and wants to take them with him. Stella is almost hooked, but finally realises he hasn't changed a bit and is lying through his teeth.

Con succeeds in pulling strings at the studio and gets Jodie a jingle session. When Nick discovers Jodie has been out all night, he's even more confused. What is going on with him and Danielle? Mr. Warne thanks the two of them for saving his life - and changing his life.

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