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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 180
Season Six

Ryan tries out for the combined schools' cricket team but is put off his game when a team member sledges him. He is mortified to have missed selection and resolves to toughen up. But his new impervious attitude grates on everyone's nerves when he takes the sledging thing just a little too far. Nat questions Ryan's ethics, berating him for using private information against people publicly. Ryan defends his attitude - everyone's fair game, it's a dog-eat dog world, if you want to get anywhere in life, you have to learn to take it on the chin. Nat gives Ryan a very bitter taste of his own medicine in the hope of teaching him a lesson, but the game turns dangerous for Nat when Ryan learns a secret that, if made public, could blow Nat's world apart.

Nat and Jill don't seem to be getting along. Lee is concerned, and plays marriage counsellor in an attempt to get them back to the same old mutually loving parents they used to be. Jill reassures him the marriage is not in trouble, just a few temporary hiccups that will sort themselves out in time. Nat agrees it's nothing serious. But Lee is not convinced and sets up a private candlelit dinner for them, hoping it will inject some romance back into the marriage. All seems to go to plan and Lee's faith in his parent's marriage is somewhat restored

Thania and Draz are assigned to the task of designing the yearbook and Thania has heaps of ideas and a stack of student photos she's snapped during the year. Draz thinks they're as boring and cheesy as the year book is destined to be. Thania challenges him to come up with something better, and hands over the camera. Draz accepts the challenge and his first photo, showing Dennis indulging in a characteristically grotesque personal habit, wins Thania over. Together they set out to capture the true personality of the class of '98. Warts and all...

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