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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 181
Season Six

Dennis and Lee take advantage of the non-compulsory study classes to hit the beach for the day. But what Lee discovers there he might wish he'd never seen. It's his father, with Isobel, and they're looking suspiciously cosy. Nat reassures Lee that nothing's going on, they're only friends and Lee's doubts are allayed. But Ryan confirms that he knew Isobel and Nat were on together and Lee has to deal with his worst nightmare. Lee pushes Nat to break it off with Isobel and Nat promises he will do so. But the promise never eventuates and Lee is forced to give his dad the ultimatum - either Nat tells Jill about the affair, or he will.

Draz is getting stingy and decides that Sarah's spending way too much time at the shed not to be paying her own way. Draz issues Ryan with a fee schedule and demands they pay up. Sarah suggests to Ryan that she might as well move in... that'd be sure to get up Draz's nose. They hit Draz with the news and he's momentarily wary, but any reluctance flies out the window when he sees the cheque Sarah hands over for rent. But when Sarah starts talking about cleaning, and rearranging furniture...and home births, Draz freaks and begs Ryan to call Sarah off - she can come over whenever she wants, eat whatever she wants, use all the electricity she wants. Sarah, feigning reluctance, moves back out of the shed and Draz breathes a sigh of relief.

End of year Muck Up is upon us and it threatens to be the Muck Up to end all. Di warns the kids not to take it too far and bans Draz from participating. But while he's not allowed to get his hands dirty, it doesn't mean he can't be Head Organiser of the great event. Draz comes up with a treasure hunt - points given for the best items. He pairs Anita with Dennis, much to her despair, and Kurt and Thania too are forced to get over their differences. The teams are neck-and-neck and will have to come up with something really great to break away. Dennis incites Anita to drop the goody-goody facade and get into some seriously wild behaviour. She comes up with the treasure to beat all treasures - Barnett's cat. But the prank turns scary when the cat carks it. Will they redeem themselves? Or will they be indebted to Barnett forever?...

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