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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 182
Season Six

Lee is deeply hurt by Nat's affair with Isobel but now that it's out in the open, he hopes there is a chance that his folks will be able to sort it out and life will resume as normal. But things don't look too promising. Particularly when Nat comes out with a packed suitcase and says he's leaving. Jill tries to connect with Lee but he's not ready to deal with the trauma. Thania is also copping a hard time over the matter - after all, it's her mother who's the home wrecker. With a little help from Sarah, Lee finally manages to open up to Jill, and they are able to find some solace in one another. It's going to be a tough battle, but acceptance is the first step.

Exams are looming and panic is rising. Anita is not coping too well with the stress, made worse when Dennis decides to latch on as her study partner. With the library all out of study texts, the guys decide to surf the net and by a stroke of fate, they come across an exam cheat site. Anita is reluctant but allows Dennis to persuade her that it's the only option if they're going to pass the exams. Alas, Di reveals that the cheat site is a phony and all the time they've spent studying has been a complete waste. This is the icing on the cake for Anita and it doesn't take much more to tip her completely over the edge. She freaks out and flips her lid, abusing Di in a tanty of mammoth proportions. But, as she learns, panicking is not conducive to study, and some things aren't as bad as they seem.

Kurt, Ryan and Draz scoff at all the swotters freaking out and cramming for the exams. They decide to make a pact - no study, no stress, no way. Barnett points out that cramming can improve results but the boys are resolved - it's time for some serious leisure. Kurt and Ryan are into it, but Draz keeps mysteriously disappearing. During their quest to find out what he's up to, they come across Draz getting familiar with an older woman. Draz fesses up - he's snagged an older babe. But the guys are suspicious, convinced that there's something fishy about it all. What they find shocks the socks off them and Draz admits his guilt - and points out that Kurt and Ryan might have some confessions of their own.

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