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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 183
Season Six

Nat and Jill's break up takes one step further as they fight over who gets what. Jill changes the locks on the door so that Nat can't get in and things start getting very petty. Lee gets caught in the middle, angry at both his parents for their self-centred behaviour. When Thania tells Lee that Nat's moving in with Isobel, Lee doesn't want to accept it and continues to tell himself that things are reversible. But it becomes pretty clear that there's no going back. When the bickering escalates, Lee loses his temper and demands his parents deal with it somewhere else - how does he have a hope in hell of passing the HSC with all this going on. Nat and Jill apologise and promise to deal with things in a more civil manner. Lee finally accepts the reality that Nat's not coming home, but it doesn't make it any less painful to deal with.

Anita's been a bit of a stress-head during the weeks following up to exams, but she finally feels she's got it together. Especially when she flies through the first exam with not a worry. But things turns bad when she accidentally breaks a mirror at the Shark Pool and D'espo starts gibbering about curses and bad luck. When things start going wrong, Anita's confidence disappears and she succumbs to superstition. If she has any luck at all, it comes in the form of D'espo, who just happens to know the best curse-reverser in the business - the great Madame Orsini. Despite persistent ribbing, Anita diligently performs the rituals set for her and by golly, they seem to work! But was Madame Orsini really the genuine article or just a cleaning lady in a bad wig?...

Draz has cultivated a very bad habit and his timing couldn't be worse. He can't seem to stop himself from sleeping in and gets off to a poor start in the exams. He enlists Ryan's help and together they conquer Draz's problem.

Dennis finds Sarah having a good old chunder in the toilet and decides this is prime bagging material. His attempts to humiliate her publicly about her inability to handle pre-exam nerves hit the spot but he pulls his head in when Sarah tells him the real reason she's sick. It's a mixture of morning sickness and concern for the baby. Dennis handles the situation with surprising compassion, and Sarah is grateful for his help.

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