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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 184
Season Six

Ryan has lined up a classy venue for the end of year formal but his plans fall through and he finds himself on D'espo's doorstep, begging for ideas. D'espo takes over the reigns and assures Ryan he'll organise the formal to end all formals. And he'd probably deliver - if every decent and half-decent venue wasn't booked out. He does manage to secure something but has difficulty convincing Ryan that the kids will go for it. After all, who wants to have their formal at the one place they've been trying to escape for the last six years? School! And on top of that, Barnett lays down a few ground rules - there will be no alcohol at the formal, and it will take place in the afternoon. But despite all the negatives, D'espo pulls the plan off with efficient expertise. Even the band manages to turn a few heads. Dennis is mildly disappointed when Nat refuses to conduct a full body search at the door, but everyone else gets into the spirit of the occasion as they celebrate their final get-together.

Anita's feeling a bit down about the formal - it's been a hard year and she doesn't really feel like celebrating it. Lee can sympathise, with the family break-up it hasn't exactly been great for him either. But he's determined to have a good time and wants to lift Anita's spirits. But when Anita finds out Draz isn't going to the formal, she takes another dive. It looks like it's going to be a real drag, until Lee pulls a rabbit out of his hat - a couple of feel-good pills for the occasion. Anita's reluctant but agrees with Lee - they deserve to have a good time for once. But things turn horribly wrong when Anita reacts badly to the drugs and the paramedics are called in. Lee has to consult his conscience when deciding whether or not to dob in the dealer. It may be the only way he can do his bit to stop what happened to Anita from happening to someone else.

Kurt and Thania grate on one another's nerves as they work on the Class of 98 banner for the formal. Thania is being her usual bossy self, her foul mood exacerbated by her recent falling out with Isobel. Kurt rejects Dennis' suggestion that he and Thania are hot for each other. He'd rather take Dennis to the formal. Which is a distinct possibility following Thania's decision to give it a miss. She's still copping heaps over Isobel's affair with Nat and she's feeling pretty down about it. Kurt feels an ounce of understanding and decides to stay home with her and they soon discover that Dennis is smarter than he looks. There is a chemistry there. When Isobel comes visiting with a formal gown, Thania and Kurt decide to give the formal a go after all. Thania closes the distance between herself and her mother and starts a new relationship with Kurt.

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