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Heartbreak High

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 185
Season Six

Friendship is tested when Sarah and Anita apply for the same job as receptionist at a local marketing firm. Anita is disappointed when Sarah gets the job but is noble enough to feel happy for her. But Sarah's success is short-lived when Elaine fires her on her second day. Sarah suspects discrimination because of her pregnancy - it was after she asked for time off for an obstetrician's appointment that Elaine turned frosty. To make matters worse, Elaine then offers the job to Anita, who rejects Sarah's claim that Elaine is totally crooked. Ryan tries to mediate as the friendship between his girlfriend and his sister looks set to fall apart. But when Elaine reveals to Anita that she fired Sarah because she didn't want a pregnant teenager on the front desk, Anita sticks up for her friend. Elaine tells her if she doesn't like it, she can take a walk, and Anita shows where her true loyalties

It's Lee's eighteenth birthday and to celebrate the occasion Jill wants him to invite his close friends for a special dinner. Sarah, Ryan and Anita are on the guest list and the night looks set to be peacefully enjoyable. Until a gatecrasher turns up. Nat is deeply hurt when Lee insists on being hostile towards him, he only wanted to wish him the best for his birthday. But birthday or no birthday, Lee doesn't want to know his dad. The evening is well and truly ruined and, as Ryan points out, Lee is showing behaviour more characteristic of a two year old than an eighteen year old. When Nat tells Lee he has decided to transfer to a school in the country, Lee's attitude doesn't soften. It looks as though he is never going to forgive Nat for breaking up the family. Jill implores Lee to think about what he's doing - if she can forgive Nat, why can't he? Lee has some soul-searching to do. It's almost too late to say good-bye, but Lee comes to his senses and reconciles with his father just in time.

Kurt, Draz, and Dennis are bored and broke. In searching for a way to make money, Kurt suggests they start up their own lawn-mowing business. Only one problem - no mower. But Draz comes up with a secret plan - he and Dennis will 'borrow' the school's ride-on mower, cut Kurt out of the operation, and haul in the bucks. They manage to deceive Barnett, claiming they'll be using the mower on the school grounds - a special treat because she's been such a great teacher. They send her home and nick off with the mower to Fred's place for their first job. Fred recommends the boys to old Arthur down the road and the boys can't believe how easy this is. But things take a downward slide when Kurt cottons on to the sly operation and confronts Den and Draz in Arthur's front yard. Arthur's prize-winning roses cop a hiding in the scuffle that ensues, and Arthur confiscates the school mower until the boys can pay up five hundred bucks to pay for the damage. Draz formulates an elaborate lie to tell Barnett but she didn't come down in the last shower and the jig is up. The only thing left to settle now is their punishment.

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Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High

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