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above: Drazic and Anita get back together

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 186
Season Six

It's HSC results time and there are mixed emotions amongst the ex-Hartley students. Ryan and Sarah open theirs together and are rapt to have passed with flying colours. Not that any of that really matters - what's important now is setting up for life with a baby. Ryan's pulling in the bucks by doing casual work as a barman, when he meets old cricketing legend, Tony Moss. Ryan impresses Moss with his natural charm and soon finds himself being offered a temporary job as a sports tour minder. Ryan's having the time of his life and everything looks fantastic, until tragedy occurs. Sarah has a miscarriage. Ryan has been invited on international tour with the sports legends. Sarah urges him to go - losing the baby means he has no real reason to stay. But Ryan loves Sarah and he's torn. Sarah sees how much the job means to him and makes the decision for him. True love is, after all, about sacrifice. And with any luck, theirs will endure the separation.

The year has been a tough one for Lee and his HSC results reflect just how disruptive the family break up has been. Jill feels responsible and is mortified when Lee says he's not going back to school to give it a proper go. He's so unmotivated, he won't leave the house and insists on ordering pizza rather than going out for a meal. But the pizza turns out to be a blessing in disguise - thanks to attractive delivery girl, Gem, who soon puts the spark back into Lee. Lee tells Jill he's changed his mind about school. He'll be there next year with bells on. Jill is pleasantly surprised and wonders what turned him around. The mystery is solved when she learns that a certain pizza delivery girl is also a Hartley student.

above: Sarah goes into Labour

above: Kurt's last day at Hartley

Kurt is over the moon about his HSC results and he wants to thank Barnett for helping him over the past year by arranging a special lunch for her. Thania is celebrating her results too, and is invited along. Dennis sees opportunity for a free feed and agrees to play waiter. The lunch brings both some expected and unexpected news. Kurt is saying good-bye, he's been accepted into a marine biology course in Northern Queensland. Thania deals with her disappointment - the relationship hardly had a chance to get off the ground. Dennis finally opens his results and confirms the worst - he flunked dismally and will be seeing Barnett at school next year. Or maybe not. Di has scored a new job as Principal at a bigger school, and won't be going back to Hartley.

above: Pizza!

Draz bombed out big time but there's no way he's going back to the Hartley Hell Hole. Anita is annoyed when her results go AWOL. She's really looking forward to enrolling in a fashion design course and she only needs a fair result. Draz buys Anita a congratulatory gift to herald her entrance into the glamorous world of fashion design but the gift turns out to be a slap in the face for Anita. She didn't get the marks she expected and the fashion course is out of the question. Anita finds solace in Draz and a flame is re-ignited.

above: The gang nervously await their results

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